Make money from Wildlife watching tourism

Is it possible to make money from nature without destroying it
Make money from Wildlife watching tourism

How to build wildlife hide

Just contact us and we will design the hide and consult you how to manage or use it
How to build wildlife hide

Profesional designed wildlife hides

Different hides for different birds and mammals
Profesional designed wildlife hides

Be professional

Let professionals make your hide
Be professional, choose wildlife hide

Types of wildlife hides

How to choose what hide to build
Types of wildlife hides

Different wilidlife hides - different users?

How to build different wildlife hide for different types for users?
Different wilidlife hides - different users

Bird photography or birdwatching

We can build exact hides for your requirements
Bird photography or birdwatching

Who can manage wildlife hides

Eny enthusiast, Nature parks or Nature reserves
Who can manage wildlife hides

Wildlife hide in the garden?

Bring wildlife into your yard
Wildlife hide in the garden

Baiting or not, how and how not

The purpose of a hide is to view wildlife up close and therefore the ability to see wildlife from it on a regular basis will strongly influence the long term business success of the hide. Choosing a hide location in connection with features that naturally channel or attract wildlife, for example a permanent water source or a well-used river crossing, can be very useful for high quality wildlife viewing and is strongly recommended, even more so in hot and dry areas. UK AAA quality fake watches for sale are worth having. You can place an order online conveniently and efficiently.

Grey-headed woodpecker, photo tower hide

Baiting of wildlife is a very useful practice, but can also be very controversial. There is massive evidence of its efficiency in bringing in wildlife up close to the viewers. Therefore baiting is being used, in one way or the other, in the majority of all hide-based wildlife watching operations in Europe. Using everything from salt stones and birdseed at one end, to animal carcasses super clone watches and road kills at the other, in order to attract wildlife.

This is of course nothing new. Feeding winter birds in our gardens is an age-old popular tradition, while feeding wildlife for wildlife management purposes has been done for centuries and for hunting purposes during millennia. Feeding wildlife is an extraordinarily common practice, since millennia back, but somehow when it is connected to wildlife watching tourism, it can sometimes become controversial. Maybe it is because wildlife watching tourism is a relatively new form of business and many people haven’t yet gotten used to it? The reality is that today, we humans feed wildlife everywhere, whether we intend to or not. Maize fields are giant feeders of wild boar. Garbage dumps are feeders of crows, rats, gulls and many more. Gardens and orchards attract a host of species. We influence very many species and all the time. Maybe we should also look at influencing species in good ways? So they keep off the highway, so that less sheep are killed, or so that they become worth money instead of just incurring cost?

In Europe, there is not a single documented case of wildlife having been put more at risk because of being used to visit feeding stations, drinking pools or any other sites set up by operators of wildlife watching or wildlife photography hides. We want to keep it that way. Buy best 1:1 super clone watches online. Fast shipping. Quality guarantee.

Automatic bird feeder

Baiting is nonetheless something to be considered very carefully and is only to be used after a good assessment of the impact, risks and benefits for people and the environment of baiting in the respective location. We mean that the following criteria are key conditions to success:

Оur  team will be able to advise it's experience to plann and build your hides across Europe and every point in the world. You can find UK top quality copy watches with low prices from uk online store. All the hot models are available.

Bird feeding

Human introduced bait

The selection of food provided as bait at wildlife photography hides needs to be decided after thorough investigation. The food needs to be as close as possible to the normal food sources available to the species concerned in the (large) area where the hides are located. For use of animal matter, a permit from the regional veterinary authorities is in most cases required. There is no general EU law currently banning the feeding of wildlife with animal matter but regional and national legislation can impose some restrictions on this. Potential ways to address this is in that case to apply for a ”pilot project” over a number of years, to test and study it, since wildlife watching in most locations and countries is a completely new industry. This counterfeit watch online store has just about luxury omega fake watches you could wish for.

Turtule doves with small pond in the forest

Different kinds of bait

  1. Vegetable-based products including bird seed, fruit, dried figs, dried dates, nuts – (squirrels, ermines, martens, birds);
  2. Grains and maize/corn – (geese, ducks, swans and cranes, small birds, bears);
  3. Salt lick and ensilage (lactic acid treated hay), hay, grain – (bison, cattle, moose, boar and deer);
  4. Fish – (herons, pelicans, gulls and storks);
  5. Large carcasses such as pigs, sheep, horses, cows – (vultures, eagles, bears, wolves, wolverines, jackals and foxes);
  6. Small carcasses such as pigeons, hens, grouse birds, road kills – (bears, goshawk, eagles, foxes, jays);
  7. Honey, molasses, syrup, dog food – (Bears, badgers, foxes);
  8. Fruit, like apples or plums – (Bears and boar, but also risk to be very visible in the images)
  9. Corn (dried). Also very visible and spreads all over the place, does not look that good. Best hidden in troughs out of view, or spread out loosely. 2023 Newest Swiss movement replica watches are in stock. You can possess luxury super clone watches with less money.

Please note:

Lynx and wild cats virtually never visit bait sites. Iberian lynx tend to hang around places where rabbits are released from breeding facilities. Almost all cats though, wild or domestic, are attracted to flower species like Catnip and Valerian.