Make money from Wildlife watching tourism

Is it possible to make money from nature without destroying it
Make money from Wildlife watching tourism

How to build wildlife hide

Just contact us and we will design the hide and consult you how to manage or use it
How to build wildlife hide

Profesional designed wildlife hides

Different hides for different birds and mammals
Profesional designed wildlife hides

Be professional

Let professionals make your hide
Be professional, choose wildlife hide

Types of wildlife hides

How to choose what hide to build
Types of wildlife hides

Different wilidlife hides - different users?

How to build different wildlife hide for different types for users?
Different wilidlife hides - different users

Bird photography or birdwatching

We can build exact hides for your requirements
Bird photography or birdwatching

Who can manage wildlife hides

Eny enthusiast, Nature parks or Nature reserves
Who can manage wildlife hides

Wildlife hide in the garden?

Bring wildlife into your yard
Wildlife hide in the garden

Planning and construction wildlife hides

The following is a planning and construction guide for wildlife watching hides that aims to help a wildlife watching entrepreneur / operator to maximise the visitor experience, attract the right kind of customers to their operation and avoid costly mistakes, both financially and for the natural areas in which they are located.

Roller photography

Location of the hide

Location and positioning of a hide is fundamental to its effectiveness for viewing and photographing wildlife. The following considerations should be taken into account when selecting a suitable hide location. Fast shipping and quality guarantee. Ordering UK cheap replica watches from our online shop is a wisdom choice.


Hides should be orientated in the most suitable possible direction to benefit the user and enhance the experience offered. Things to think about include:

Permanent photo hide


Ensure the hide is positioned in a place where the chances of viewing wildlife are highest. Knowledge of the most heavily used game trails is key, and the availability of water/ponds/springs are also crucial factors in hotter and drier areas. These factors adapt for different species through the year. Keep in mind when the main visitor period is planned to be. Hides could preferably be moveable to adjust for wildlife movements and prevent unnecessary damage to the landscape especially in wilder areas.

User profiling

Identify the target user group / market that the hide will service. It is essential to understand the type of visitors the hide is being designed for:

Floating hide

Exterior design

Always select the hide type that does the job for the client with the least impact on your budget, the environment and wildlife. Permanent hides should be built preferably using sustainably sourced local materials and in local construction styles where possible. These can of course all be adapted to fit into the local landscape, especially through choice of wall, roof material and location.
Hide users are generally very sensitive to maintaining the wild integrity of the landscapes in which the hides are situated. They don’t want the hide itself to ruin the wild feeling of the landscape.

Interior design

The interior design of the hide will depend on the type of hide, user, and purpose:

Photo hide inside

Photo hides, birdwatching hides

Further hide details:

European rollers photography taken from photo hide

Important optional extras:

High end tourists

Hides for this target group should include all the features of the ‘nature photography enthusiast hides’ but also the following: