Make money from Wildlife watching tourism

Is it possible to make money from nature without destroying it
Make money from Wildlife watching tourism

How to build wildlife hide

Just contact us and we will design the hide and consult you how to manage or use it
How to build wildlife hide

Profesional designed wildlife hides

Different hides for different birds and mammals
Profesional designed wildlife hides

Be professional

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Types of wildlife hides

How to choose what hide to build
Types of wildlife hides

Different wilidlife hides - different users?

How to build different wildlife hide for different types for users?
Different wilidlife hides - different users

Bird photography or birdwatching

We can build exact hides for your requirements
Bird photography or birdwatching

Who can manage wildlife hides

Eny enthusiast, Nature parks or Nature reserves
Who can manage wildlife hides

Wildlife hide in the garden?

Bring wildlife into your yard
Wildlife hide in the garden

Types of wildlife watching and photography hides

Wildlife watching hides come in a wide range of materials, styles and techniques to offer different functionality capabilities. Hides must always be sensitive to the local environment and culture. Where possible local natural materials and styles should be used in hide construction. Existing traditional buildings can also be used to develop hides. It is vitally important when selecting a hide design to establish what type of hide will best suit the user, the wildlife and the environment. These are the two general types of hides available:

Tent hides

Tent hides often provide great wildlife viewing experiences. They are easy to carry, set up and take down. They come at a very low cost and have very little impact on the environment. The fake watches for sale uk in discount on this website are suitable for men and women.

Tent hide

• Lower physical footprint and impact on the immediate nature/wilderness;
• Maximum flexibility and mobility;
• Lightweight;
• Useful for viewing unpredictable wildlife that doesn’t always stay in a single spot, for example Capercaillie leks;
• Low cost.What kinds of Swiss made rolex fake watches are worth having? Perfect fake Rolex watches with low price and high quality.

• Offers limited protection from rain / snow / wind/ low and high temperatures;
• Low comfort level, with no integrated services;
• Whereas wildlife after a while gets used to a permanent hide, a tent hide is often seen as something ‘new’ in the terrain, and therefore a bit suspicious/disturbing, especially by the more intelligent and shy species;
• Because of these reasons, it is often more difficult to charge premium price for tent hide products.

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A good version of a pop-up tent hide is the ‘Ameristep Dog House’ ( blinds/doghouse.html). It is an ‘industry standard’ tent, mainly catering for photo enthusiasts, bird watchers and hunters. It costs approximately €130 and can be erected in three minutes, weighs 4 kilos and comes in a little backpack with no tented bottom. It has capacity for 2 photographers side by side with sufficient room for people to sleep in close quarters either in sleeping bags or on a small inflatable mattress. There are also many other tent hide brands and products.

Professional photographers are likely to have their own tent hides, so we advise hide operators to mainly focus on cabin hides in order to maximise their income opportunities, and only use tent hides as backup or for special purposes/occasions. For example if access to a site is restricted and photographers are not allowed to use their own tent hides but an operator has secured special permission / permits to manage a tented hide. Buy cheap breitling replica watches with Swiss movements for modern men and women at our online store.

Permanent hides

Permanent hides are built in many different models, materials and designs, with varying levels of quality, comfort and cost. From advanced structures dug into the ground or even sunk into a lake, to architect-designed hides, and very straightforward plywood structures. Hide design depends on the area, the user target group, target species, climate, cost and income capacity.

Permanent photo hide

Permanent hides are either completely non-movable, or built to be mobile and moved if necessary. These hides may be moved using a variety of means for example car, horse, snowmobile, ATV, forest tractor etc. Some are even built on broad runners or skis, to be pulled through boggy or snow-covered terrain. Others can be easily disassembled to be moved in sections. Generally, we recommend entrepreneurs design hides that are somehow moveable unless they are intended for very special features, for example dug into the ground. Would you like to buy high quality rolex replica watches? This website can off help.



Floating photo hide

Floating hides

The idea here is to get down low and close to water fauna – water birds, beavers, otters, seals and the like. This type of innovative hide is very appreciated by water bird enthusiasts who cannot get these views of wildlife without a floating hide. This product represents a typically true added value service and is very uncommon in Europe. Two main styles can be identified: the one-person, “swimming hide” (in which the photographer/visitor is in a wetsuit or even better a dry suit in the water, and can move around with the hide by using fins, electric motors or by walking on the bottom), and the “pontoon hide” (which is a bigger, multi-person setup, typically built on a pontoon or float bridge structure, with a purpose-built cabin on top with shooting windows/ openings as close to the waterline as possible). The colder the water and the more marine the conditions or wintery the season, the better it is to consider the pontoon hide. It also results in better work time/ income ratio for the operator. The pontoon can easily be towed by a boat and anchored temporarily or semi-permanently in a certain location. Attracting the fauna could be done in various ways, especially by providing some food matter. The pontoon hide is definitely recommended for tourism operators in wetland/lake/coast/river areas. It must make you feel regret it, when you read more about the website. You must find UK swiss luxury replica watches here.