Make money from Wildlife watching tourism

Is it possible to make money from nature without destroying it
Make money from Wildlife watching tourism

How to build wildlife hide

Just contact us and we will design the hide and consult you how to manage or use it
How to build wildlife hide

Profesional designed wildlife hides

Different hides for different birds and mammals
Profesional designed wildlife hides

Be professional

Let professionals make your hide
Be professional, choose wildlife hide

Types of wildlife hides

How to choose what hide to build
Types of wildlife hides

Different wilidlife hides - different users?

How to build different wildlife hide for different types for users?
Different wilidlife hides - different users

Bird photography or birdwatching

We can build exact hides for your requirements
Bird photography or birdwatching

Who can manage wildlife hides

Eny enthusiast, Nature parks or Nature reserves
Who can manage wildlife hides

Wildlife hide in the garden?

Bring wildlife into your yard
Wildlife hide in the garden

Users who use wildlife hides

It is important to establish the type of user or target group to design a specific hide for. This will determine the design, functionality, management and eventual commercial performance of the hide. Swiss luxury fake rolex are of high quality. Wish you find your perfect replica watches here. Generally users can be classed into four categories:

Syrian woodpecker

General public

Some “hides” are freely open to visitors of public nature conservation areas. These hides are generally large structures aimed at accommodating 10–20 or more people at a time. They are often very costly and mostly financed by public funding. Typically they offer limited quality wildlife viewing; are often located too far from the wildlife and are not suitable for photographers (often poorly situated in relation to vegetation backgrounds and the sun, have the wrong opening hours and are frequently poorly operated and maintained). Users will typically stay in such a hide for not much longer than 10–30 minutes depending on the wildlife viewing and will rarely pay for a visit to such a hide. We generally discourage such hides to be built as they often create a poor experience and they also risk seriously damaging business opportunities for more professional wildlife watching tourism operations in that area. For additional information about AAA quality replica watches UK online shop, read more.

Nature lovers

Nature lovers are typically day or overnight visitors who enjoy exploring natural areas and have limited requirements beyond experiencing nature. These users will typically use the facility for a number  of hours. They are prepared to pay extra for high probabilities of seeing wildlife. Virtually all nature lovers also take pictures with their cameras/ mobile phones. Hides servicing these groups are generally designed for 5-12 people either in one hide or split between two at a single location. Such hides are generally slightly more comfortable than dedicated photographer-specific hides and often include toilet facilities and a somewhat higher design specification. The emphasis here is more on viewing than photographing so observation is key. This means that the view from these hides needs to be good and the hide comfortable to be in. In these hides it is generally good to use the big, see-through windows of “Shoot-through-theglass”. This glass should always be of the brand and type detailed below, or else it can render itself useless for all photographers. Hide designs for this user group can typically be combined with those for nature photography enthusiasts, provided that if mirror glass is used, the quality of glass is the right one and can be photographed through (see technical details below).

Photo hide

Nature photography enthusiasts

Hides designed for 1–5 people who are serious photography enthusiasts. These users have some added specific requirements: the landscape background, the position of the sun in the morning and evening, as well as the hide generally being at ground level and not a tower or on a high platform, unless the attraction sits at that level. 2023 top quality replica watches are all available on the top online store.

Visibility and the possibility to take photographs preferably across three sides are other preferred features here, sometimes also added with an observation window through the back wall of the hide. Two main types of hides can be distinguished here:

These hides typically cater for 1–5 persons with a simple design and basic level of comfort as the clients may spend full days and nights and sometimes even several days in the hide. Insulation against heat and cold, beds that fold down from the back wall, heater possibilities and an added outhouse/toilet section connected at the rear of the cabin are also common features for these hides. For protection when the hide is not being used, wooden shutters that cover the openings and/or windows are often installed and very useful. When raised, these shutters also protect the window and camera lenses from direct rain and snow fall. Users of these hides are willing to pay a premium price for the hide experience if there is a very good chance of wildlife appearing outside the hide. The price of the hides is directly connected to how often wildlife is seen from the hides and at what times of day. Typically clients should be able to see the main wildlife species on at least 80% of visits for a successful hide.

High-end tourists

These are visitors that are looking for a more ‘stylish’ experience. Hides for this target group need more detailed design specifications, always including a toilet and superior levels of comfort, interior design, luxury and romanticism. Functionality to cater for overnight guests with luxurious furnishings and features, for example a reindeer rug, food and drink hamper with local produce and/or an indoor fire-proofed wood burner. This type of hide or cabin requires a more qualified operator with access to the high-end tourist markets. Such a hide should be located in a more secluded site with potential to be serviced (i.e. food and drink provided in a careful and imaginative way so as to not disturb wildlife). These hides are primarily for driving revenue in destinations accessible to high-end tourists. You can buy discount uk best super clone omega with Swiss movements online.